Season 2 Promo! Experience YOUR world!

Augusto explores the world through incredible experiences with different actresses, models, tv hosts and influencers! Get ready to experience GREECE, BRAZIL, IRELAND, QATAR, MEXICO, MONTENEGRO, COSTA RICA, CANADA, INDIA, ITAY and more! 

Season 2 Episodes (1 hour)

Season 1 Episodes (30 mins)

Season 1 Promo! The Adventure Begins!

Watch our 2 minute reel to see how we are using Social Media to experience the world as we share life lessons and incredible moments. 


Global Child - India “The Excellence of Empathy” (53 mins) Season 2

Join Augusto as he explores the full spectrum of the India experience by touring eight cities with a Bollywood superstar actress as they discover the importance of empathy! From attending a royal Indian wedding and staying at the most extravagant hotels to giving back at a leper colony and swimming with fishermen; you’ve never seen India quite like this before!


Global Child - Qatar "The Beauty of Understanding" (52mins) Season 2

Join Augusto and friends for our first episode of SEASON 2 where we explore what "beauty" actually means as we experience magical Qatar! From jumping out of helicopters to dune-bashing in the desert to the best of Qatari culture you won't want to miss this ride! (Eng/52mins)


Global Child - MEXICO "The Color of Our Roots". (52mins) Season 2

Float on hot air ballons over the Teotihuacan Pyramids at sunrise in Mexico City... then explore underground lagoons of Tulum in the stunning Mayan Riviera and venture to the other coast of Mexico to Chiapas for raw natural beauty and culture like you've never seen before as we explore the roots of Mexico! (Eng/52mins)

Global Child - Tanzania (Full Episode) Season 1

How do you conquer a challenge? Join Augusto as he dances with the ancient Maasai, goes on a wild Safari and climbs Mt Kilimanjaro with a brave young man who is missing half a leg! Nothing is impossible on this epic adventure... come find out how YOU can best explore amazing Tanzania!


Global Child - Russia (Full Episode) Season 1

Join Augusto as he uses social media to explore Russia! From hot air balloon rides over Moscow, to palaces in St Petersburg and epic parties... you've never seen Russia like this before.


Global Child - Sweden (1 Hour Special) Season 1

Come learn the "secret of friendship" as we explore Stockholm, Kayak the Archipelago and dance the day away at Visby in the magnificent island of Gotland!


Global Child - San Francisco to Napa (Full Episode) Season 1

Join Augusto as we use Viator, Trip Advisor, Expedia and the best of Social Media to explore San Francisco to Napa! Full episode. All Rights Reserved.


Global Child - Argentina (Full Episode) Season 1

Join Augusto on this incredible adventure as we experience tango and hiking on glaciers in one of the most passionate and diverse countries in the world!



Global Child - Peru (Full Episode) Season 1

Join Augusto and a little wild mountain dog through fog and storms on an epic mountain crossing known as the Inca Trail on his way to magical Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Global Child - Australia (Full Episode) Season 1

Get over your fears as we scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, handle giant bats and tumble through the Sydney skies. Thank you for watching!  All Rights Reserved: Global Child 2016. Other episodes in Season 1 include: Peru, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Argentina, Jordan and Stockholm.


Global Child - Tokyo (Full Episode) Season 1

Rock out at the Robot Show and Shine on at the Shinto temples in the fascinating Empire of the Rising Sun. All rights reserved.



Global Child - New Zealand (Full Episode) Season 1

What is an Adventure to you? Join Augusto as he explores the answer to this question in amazing New Zealand. From jet boating through canyons, fishing from airplanes, climbing mountains, visiting the actual real life Hobbit Shire... you've never seen New Zealand like this before.


Global Child - Israel & Jordan (1 hour episode) Season 1

Join Augusto as we experience the Holy Land in this episode that explores the "Lesson of Love". From hiking to the top of Petra (one of the wonders of the world) to visiting Jerusalem the cradle of the three major world religions; this is an episode you don't want to miss!


Global Child (En Español) - Mexico Season 2

Full episode in Spanish! Original VO and parts in English are subtitled.


Global Child (En Español) - Rusia Season 1

Full episode in Spanish! Original VO and parts in English are subtitled.


Global Child (En Español) - Tanzania Season 1

Full episode in Spanish! All episodes available in Spanish upon request. 


Global Child (En Español) - San Francisco Season 1

Full episode in Spanish! All episodes available in Spanish upon request.