Global Child TV

Travel with Purpose
Global Child is an inspirational brand based around traveling with purpose that explores the world through amazing experiences as life lessons are shared with the help of international influencers, social media and local communities. Global Child believes in bringing added value to the viewer through the best travel show in the world and to the destinations we visit by giving back through the BIG Foundation. 
Global Child is the next generation travel show that inspires while exploring extraordinary destinations with the help of top tourism boards, brands and luxury hotels. Episodes feature nature, culture, luxury and adventure segments tied together through wonderful experiences that inspire and entertain international audiences. Augusto Valverde shares each unique journey with different co-hosts as they discover the positive life lesson each place unveils.
The name Global Child exists because our multicultural host Augusto Valverde was born in Miami, grew up in Mexico, lived in Paris, Canada, Los Angeles and has Spanish and Irish roots! People used to ask him where he was from and one day he realized that we are all truly part of a global community and that what he have in common is much more than what sets us apart.
At Global Child we believe that inspiration, discovery & joy are timeless qualities that a world explorer and the unique characters we feature during our episodes should always embody! In this interconnected global world we all need childlike wonder to truly experience life! Global Child embodies the best luxury experiences, the most wonderful adventures and also giving back to others because the best way to travel, is traveling with purpose. 
Global Child began as a television show that was filmed, hosted, produced, financed and edited by Augusto, a former NBC Television host turned theologian and jail chaplain. Global Child’s first Season was distributed to global acclaim on ten major airlines carrying 350 million passengers and Amazon Prime Video. It has since gone on to become a global travel enterprise with multiple employees that also includes a travel brokerage, a clothing line, a book deal, a travel blog, a podcast and a travel guide. Through their charitable partnership with BIG Foundation a 501c3 non-profit, Global Child has sponsored a leper colony of 65 people with food for a year, has brought medical care to more than 3000 patients in Kenya, has sponsored conservation projects in Costa Rica, and an orphanage in Greece amongst other charitable acts. Global Child is now entering it’s third season and has filmed in 20 countries, featuring 35 five star hotels and more than 25 influencers from multiple continents.